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Discovering Expat (Expatriate) Insurance coverage

An expat, or expatriate, is a person who has decided to live and work in a country that is not their original home country. They may be residing temporarily, long-term, or permanently outside the country of their birth and for a wide range of reasons: they like the culture better, the work opportunities are better, the cost of living is better, and more.
What Insurance Concerns do Expats Have? Expatriates have a long list of things to think about, including tax laws, whether to take their own vehicle or buy abroad, banking abroad, living arrangements, visa and work requirements, and more. Plus every country is different, so if you move around as an ex-pat, you’ll have to keep up with the rules and laws wherever you go.
As an expatriate, you also have to be concerned about health care. While some countries allow a visitor to receive health care paid for by the government, others are less inclined. If the expat doesn’t qualify as a citizen under the government of the country where they..

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How the Newest World Journey Alert Impacts your Journey Insurance coverage

Earlier this week, the U.S. State Department issued a global travel alert announcing the threat for terrorist attacks on Westerners and warning U.S. citizens to take precautions while traveling.
The travel alert expires on August 31, 2013, and nearly the moment it was issued, many U.S. travelers were scrambling to check their travel insurance policies and understand the terms under which they might be able to cancel their travel plans – and get a refund – or travel anyway and be sure their emergency medical care will be covered.
Let’s review how this latest global travel alert affects your travel insurance coverage.
A Terrorist Act (by definition) May Not Be What You Think Travel insurance doesn’t always apply to emergency situations the way many travelers expect it to – especially in cases of terrorism, or political and civil unrest that causes instability in certain regions of the world. Specifically, a terrorist incident is not the same as political or civil disorder or riots.

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9 Costly Journey Errors You’re Prone to Make

We all make mistakes, but we’ve also learned that some mistakes cost more than others do. This is especially true when you’re traveling. While no traveler can predict unexpected events like volcanic eruptions or earthquakes, there are a number of expensive mistakes travelers make often enough to warrant this post.
The following are some of the most expensive mistakes travelers common make – and how to avoid them.
1. Not checking your passport early This mistake can happen to the best of us – after all, ten years is a long time and if you use your passport infrequently it’s easy to forget when it is due to expire.
Trip cancellation coverage with your travel insurance plan may cover your lost trip expenses if your passport is lost or stolen, but it won’t cover them if your passport has expired because that’s part of your good faith responsibility to verify.
In addition, entry into some countries like Costa Rica requires that your passport be valid for six months AFTER you arrive in t..

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5 Steps to Safer Off-Grid Journey

In 2010, the New York Times ran a story about five neuroscientists who took a rafting trip in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Utah. The intent of the trip was to understand how the heavy use of digital devices and electronic technology changes how we think and behave – and also how retreating from them can reverse the (often negative) effects.
This is is why everyone calls it a vacation – it’s a restorative break from our normal lives.
These days, there are many people interested in off-the-grid living for a wide range of reasons, both political and personal, and the travel industry has caught on. Once isolated to those willing to pitch a tent and fish for their dinner, off-grid travel has become increasingly popular with jungle retreats, luxury resorts, and even trailers that are dropped off at remote locations – just for you to enjoy.
How far you take your off-the-grid travel adventure can range from simply turning off your electronic devices and leaving the car parked..

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7 Journey Insurance coverage Ideas for Prolonged Enterprise Journeys

Many business travelers find that extending their business travel – at least at some locations – is an affordable way to pack a little fun and discovery into their business trips.
A three-day business convention in London, for example, can easily be turned into a week-long family vacation with four days for pleasure. By combining business with pleasure, business travelers can often take advantage of ‘free’ airfare paid for by their employer by simply pushing their return date out a few days and then picking up the costs for the pleasure portion of their trip on their own.
The trend is catching on too. Many conferences now offer on-site child care for those attendees who want to extend their business trip into a family vacation.
A business trip, like any other trip, needs to be carefully planned and the travel insurance aspect must be addressed. If your company has a travel department and encourages pleasure extensions, you’re way ahead of the game. If they further cover their employ..

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