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Online Marketing Specialist

Online Marketing Specialist

Online Marketing Specialist

Start-up cost: $2,000–$4,000
Potential earnings: $20,000–$40,000
Typical fees: Hourly rate of $45+
Advertising: Bulletin Board Services, direct mail, trade journals,
business publications
Qualifications: Knowledge of marketing, business savvy, awareness of the
unwritten rules and limitless possibilities out there on the
Equipment needed: Computer with fast Internet access, printer, fax, office
Staff required: No
Hidden costs: Internet Service Provider fees, time spent educating client

What You Do

Marketing is always creative; Online Marketing Specialist is even more so. You’ll be creating
the actual marketing approaches for a variety of different businesses to get the
word out on the Internet. So if newness is your bag, then this is your game. Even
more than with conventional marketing, you will need to deliver more than you
promise, to tell more than you sell, and attract the attention of potential customers
rather than push products at them. The Internet is the perfect way to inform
people about some products and services, but it is still useless for others. You’ll
spend enough time developing your own markets, but once you do, expect to earn
more of a cutting-edge salary for your toils.

What You Need

The ability to create effective Internet messages will require increasing levels of
computing power (equipment costs $2,000–$4,000). Expect to spend a pretty
penny initially for online services, because you’ll likely end up subscribing to all
of them in addition to the Internet. You’ll need to see what your work looks like
on different platforms. Subscriptions to newsletters and magazines on the com-
puter industry are also essential as resource guides; estimate spending at least
$2000 per year to keep up-to-date. You can charge $45 per hour until you feel
you’re experienced enough to command $75 per hour. You may decide to accept
MC/Visa over the Internet, so be sure to include in your price the surcharge for
such capabilities.

Keys to Success

Experience, good sense, and highly refined marketing skills will make you suc-
cessful at this new game. You’ll need to be persistent in creating your own mar-
ket before you can begin creating customers for your clients. You’ll need a high
tolerance for monitor-staring, and you’ll need to watch out for the uncharted
pitfalls that accompany any cutting-edge activity, such as time spent educating
and rewriting.

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